Make your digital experience as good as your on site experience with Openhouse Live


Easy to set up and use, impressive to experience


The way properties are bought, sold and promoted has changed greatly over the last decade , with digital tools continually bringing more to the process.

However, finding the balance between personal and digital has been challenging for sales teams - until now.

Openhouse Live is the ultimate online sales tool, providing customers with an impressive user experience whilst enabling sales teams to guide them through the buying journey.

Openhouse Audio allows you to insert unique audio points into your 3D and 360 tours, creating enhanced audio versions or personalised tours.

Adding Facebook Messenger to your virtual tours creates a digital pipeline for your business, from first message to personalised audio tour to 1-to-1 experience.


Openhouse Live

Openhouse Live allows participants to take control of 3D or 360 tours at any time. Up to 4 participants can explore on any device, interacting via video conferencing. Just enter your virtual tour code to create a new sharable link

Openhouse LIve

You can start immediately and be exploring with customers today.

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Openhouse Audio

Adding audio to a virtual tour brings it to life in a new dimension. Using Openhouse Audio to add custom audio points you can highlight key areas of the property or even create personalised audio tours for individual buyers

Openhouse Audio

Adding audio content is quick, easy, and can be done from a smart phone

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Facebook Messenger

Customers are searching for property 24/7 and being available for them is key. Live chat using Facebook Messenger is a simple way of starting the conversation - and you can now add it to virtual tours from all leading platforms

Facebook Messenger

Turn 3D tours into a lead generation stream with Facebook messenger

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Be a digital leader in a changing industry

2020 will likely change the face of business for years to come, and as every business embraces technology you need to ensure you are setting the pace instead of getting left behind.

In order to thrive in the 'new normal', companies need to evolve - using the right tools at the right times to engage potential customers personally and digitally

The popularity of virtual tours combined with unprecedented demand for video conferencing presents a huge opportunity - with your competitors using outdated methods you could soon be leading the way, providing personal guided experiences in less than 60 seconds that help you close that deal.


Multiple virtual tour tools tour tools in one place.

It has never been easier to create your property sales funnel.

From the capturing of of leads via Facebook Messenger, to the creation of bespoke audio tours to wow potential buyers, to the impressive guided tour - buyers can now explore dozens of properties every day with Openhouse Live.

Still got questions? We're here to answer them.